Tuesday, May 14, 2013


You can never truly leave this game. (Shortest Post ever)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Woes....

....... To any of my Online friends who may be reading this, my family and I are O.K. . We just had power restored in our home yesterday, but no T.V./ Internet yet. Thus I am posting this from my work. We had to toss out some of our food from the fridgerator but we were thankfully spared the big cost of tossing food from the freezer and big freezer.

........Cell Phones right now are either not working, say "Roaming", connect you to "Credit card" services, or just auto-go to peoples voice mails. They said the reason for this is because something like 25% of the NothEasts Cell Towers are either down or have no power .

........At this point I am at work with a car that is out of gas because we are having a "Gasoline Issue" here in Northeren NewJersey  (not sure about anywhere else). Luckily I have our work truck to fall back on which is full of diesel. I will leave  my car at work for now. If someone tries to steal it. they won't be going far. As far as this "Gasoline Issue". It seems to be a C-C-C-Combo of sorts of what you might call "Perfect Storm" or maybe even "The Zombie Apokolypse". Sooooo... let's do the math:

1) Shore point delivery way stations offline.........check
2) 50% Gas stations out of power......................double check
3) People Hoarding ...........................................and triple check

I am not kidding. All the gas stations either  say "Out of Gas", "Closed", or they have up to a 5 mile line of car's waiting to get pumped. When I say 5 miles I mean almost 3 hour line wait at best....

The horror stories I could tell you......

Believe me when I say there are more police at the gas staions then are helping with the storms aftermath.

I mean..... I have seen an old man at a gas station begging for gas...... that he actually  didn't need for his car..... because his car and 4 other gas containers were full.......  he just plainly wanted a 5th back-up......

Fuck'n God Dam Hoarders = Part of the Problem.

I have seen a Guy with a truck full of gas..... with an additional huge-ass tank on the bed of his truck that held $300.00 of additional gas and he was trying to bribe the gass attendant $50.00 while shoating "More More More... I need More !!!" while grinding his fingers at him.......

Families are being forced to sit across from each other and have dinner together for once because of  this shit.  With no gas, electric, t.v, phone, cell phone, internet, or any other place to go......they are now lookign across the table and  asking each other......... "Who are you ?"

It's really uncomfortable for me seeing lot's of people thinking only of themselves instead of helping others in these times of need.......Treating others with such disrespect, beligerence, and vulgarity is just plain craziness. Thankfully this doesn't represent everyone.

Well anyway to close this post out. They said stuff may be out up to 10 days. I am hoping I will be back online by the end of the week.

Jess's quote of the week:
"Don't be a douche. Help out others"

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wow. The one thing you can bet on that never really changes  in life is...... everything always changes. Anyway Let's do a fast rundown of what's goin down lately.

1) New Laptop! Not bad since I never really had my very own computer... err real computer.

2) Too much work + Son agro + I need to pay my FFXI account this week but I'm broke = 0% FFXI this week.

Not much of a Blog Post I know but It's been a dry year     ;)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

(Part 2) Just When You Think You Are Finally Free.... You Get Sucked Back In....

(once again I did not create this info. I am just forwarding it from FFXI and BG forum posters)

*Travelling West to Ulbuka

*New town called Adoulin
-Walled off for hundreds of years due to the dangers in its wilderness

*Land is completely uncharted
-Will have a lot to do with pioneering the land
-A ton of new enemy types

2nd New Job:  RUNE FENCER  (Tank Job)  

*Tank job that excels in magical defense and elemental resistances

*Utilizes various runes

*Elemental Runes
-Added elemental resistance
-Enspell effects (elemental dmg on auto attacks)

*Enchantment Runes
-Attack Rune: Enhances attack capabilities by dealing massive elemental damage (consumes a rune)
-Defense Rune: Enhances defensive capabilities by reducing elemental damage (does not consume a rune)

*Ability to impart magic barriers on party members

*Rewards and enhancements based on difficulty, area size, and the number of rewards

*Statue pieces that you can find in the jungle
-Somewhat rare?
-Different pieces in different combos for different instances
-Heads: Size of dungeon and rewards
-Bodies: Monster difficulty and drop rates as well as enhancement materials (stronger monsters = better drop rates)
-Feet: Beneficial effects (Chain 5 monsters for x buff, Skillchain monster for x buff, etc.)

*Rewards differ based on which instance you go into, however the rewards are constant. Statue pieces only affect difficulty and drop rates.

*Incorporates elements of Moblin maze Mongers, Salvage, Assault, etc.


*You get your own island!
-Your own area that you control independent of other people


*You raise animals and monsters
-Can use them for materials (hides, meat)

*Can fish and mine there
-Can dig up a fishing hole and find mining areas

*Stress free, doesn’t require you to check your animals and plants every day


*Complex system involving various elements and playstyles

*New version of PvP
-Can fight other players as monsters or players

*Can become any monster in Vana’diel
-Including HNMs!

*Notoriety Points system from defeating other monsters
-Defeating other players with high notoriety as players or monsters will give you points and other rewards.
-Better rewards if you’re a monster rather than a player.
-Unlocks different monsters

*New UI for the system. Works kinda like Blue Mage.
-Learn different knowledge of the monster families.
-Customize the monster to be your own. Can be a bee and set mandragora knowledge.

-Can evolve into higher tier types of monsters, all up to the HNM level.
-Ex.: White mandy -> Black mandy -> Chloris, Skeleton -> Robe skeleton -> GKT skeleton -> Naraka

*Limited to certain areas.
-Content-specific zones.
-PvP flag


*New two hour abilities (just about finalized)
-WAR: All normal attacks become non-elemental damage
-MNK: Counters all attacks directed at you

*Adjustments to enfeeble resists
-Possibly removing it altogether.

*Adjustments to ranged attack delay
-Up to 50% reduction between ranged attacks

*Strengthening Protect and Minne
-1.5x strength Protect (roughly 4x as potent Protect V when fully merited)

*DRK: We’re looking into it. No nerfs inc.

*MNK: Boost adjustments and higher tier Black Belt.

*NIN: New shuriken effects and Sange adjustments

*SMN: Blood Pact adjustments, Introduction of Cait Sith as a summon
-Range issues addressed, no longer acts as the BP executed if the monster moves out of range.
-Cait Sith will be soon

*DRG: Reduced Call Wyvern recast time merit (category 1)

*Reworked system, plenty of new items, maps, abilities and spells will now be possible.


*Completely reworked UI for PC players.

*Can open up multiple windows.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just When You Think You Are Finally Free.... You Get Sucked Back In....

Presenting FFXI's 5th Expansion  "Secrets of Audolin"
(The Story So Far collected from Forum posters on FFXIAH and BG Forums)

1st New Job: GEOMANCER (support Job)

-Sphere that appears around the caster.
-Different category from all other buff types. (songs, rolls, etc.)
-Can move with the field, giving different party members the buff.
-Moves from party member to party member to support them.
-Special abilities that allow certain spells to be used, similar to SCH.
-Auras that can be cast on others/the ground? They have HP and deplete over time. Can be destroyed by AoEs.
-Effects such as Regen, Refresh, Regain, Stat boosts(STR, DEX), Attack and defense bonuses, Paralyze, Slow, MDEF down, EVA down, not affected by resistances

*Elemental magic for damage
- B- skill
-T4 spells
- -ra spells
-Some dark magic

*Job-specific bells
-Enhance geomancy.

*No VW/Abyssea procs. Do not interfere with other procs (paralyze etc)

*Polarity (Job Trait): Enhancements to spells depending on where you are in relation to mobs. N: MAB, E: Mcrit, W: Recast time, S: MACC

2nd New Job: ??? (info released today possibly)
-Mystic Knight?
-Templar Knight??
-Rune Knight???

*Special caves

*Monster "stronghold nests"
-Guards must be killed, stronghold can be destroyed.
-Can cause a Campaign-like battle to occur when destroyed.

*Giant monsters (special HNMs?) They showed a huge Bee...

-Nothing like crafting guilds
-Enhancements to the city